VMP Performance - Eaton Supercharger Oil - 115 mL bottle - VMP-SUA043

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VMP Performance
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Protects and lubricates supercharger, Full synthetic formula 115 ml oz bottle with spout tip and cap. All VMP TVS superchargers come filled with 100 ml of this oil, we add an extra 15 ml to cover you for drips and left over residue in the bottle DO NOT FILL YOUR SUPERCHARGER WITH MORE THAN ONE BOTTLE. Need to replace the oil in your factory Eaton supercharger? Specially formulated NYE 605 compatible supercharger oil is recommended for all EATON superchargers for proper maintenance. While it's recommended to change the supercharger at 100,000 miles, if you pulley down to a smaller pulley or you run your vehicle hard, you might need to change the oil sooner (such as 30,000 miles or 36 months - whichever comes first). Includes (1) 115 ml bottle of supercharger oil.