Skyjacker 07-18 Jeep Wrangler (JK/JKU) 4in Lift ADX 2.0 Remote Reservoir Shock Set - JK4070X

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Shocks key role is to optimize your suspension by keeping your tires in contact with the terrain. They dampen out or control the unwanted oscillation motion and improve ride quality and vehicle handling. Engineered for higher speed applications, remote reservoir shocks still perform at crawl. If we are honest, we spend way more time on our daily commutes than we are able to spend on the trails. Quick starts, up and down acceleration and hard stops are a daily routine. The superior construction of Skyjacker's ADX 2.0 Remote Reservoir Aluminum Monotube Shocks delivers the most recent stage in the development in shock technology with an innovative off-road race inspired full displaced valve system. The large 46mm bore size of the Monotube and remote reservoir reacts quicker and creates the smoothest ride possible. The Teflon banded piston's smooth reaction delivers superior ride performance and adds stability on various terrains. The external remote reservoir separates the nitrogen gas from the oil with an Internal Floating Piston (IFP). Skyjacker's ADX 2.0 shock technology constant controlled resistance performance prevents lag (decline) or fade (failure). The high-pressure nitrogen gas and IFP technology combine to create the fastest responding shock ever. The separate remote reservoir allows more room in the shock cylinder to increase the oil capacity and to use a longer piston rod. The longer rod allows more piston stroke in consistent viscosity oil and more articulation travel. Skyjacker's ADX 2.0 Monotube design from high-grade T6061-T6 aluminum helps dissipate heat and runs cooler. This aluminum body and aluminum remote reservoir setup overall weighs less too. Skyjacker's new ADX 2.0 is all about cool, control and comfort. The unique smooth polished clear coat aluminum ADX 2.0 tubes are way cool looking straight out of the box, but their consistent dampening provides better performance, cooler running, more control and improved driving comfort.
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2011JeepWrangler70th Anniversary
2016JeepWrangler75th Anniversary
2016JeepWranglerSport S
2011JeepWranglerUnlimited 70th Anniversary
2016JeepWranglerUnlimited 75th Anniversary
2007-2017JeepWranglerUnlimited Rubicon
2007-2017JeepWranglerUnlimited Sahara
2010-2017JeepWranglerUnlimited Sport
2016JeepWranglerUnlimited Sport S
2007-2010JeepWranglerUnlimited X
2018JeepWrangler JKRubicon
2018JeepWrangler JKSahara
2018JeepWrangler JKSport
2018JeepWrangler JKSport S
2018JeepWrangler JKUnlimited Rubicon
2018JeepWrangler JKUnlimited Sahara
2018JeepWrangler JKUnlimited Sport
2018JeepWrangler JKUnlimited Sport S